Multimedia Developement (gstrener / Openmax / Ffmpeg,stagefright)

  SOFTTRENDS SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED   Bengaluru   01st February,2020
  •   GStreamer, Multimedia, Multithreaded, C++, C, GDB, Ffmpeg, Debugging, Programming, Linux Internals, stage fright,Open max, with Linux, media framework -gstreamer
  •   Negotiable
  •   Full Time
  •   Multi-Media
  •   any
  •   3-8 Years
  •   B.Tech

Job Description

Delivering high-quality, efficient and portable C/C++ code
Good programming ability in C, C++, MultiThreaded, Linux internals, GDB,Proficient in Debugging
Any Media FW knowledge (gstreamer, OpenMax, ffmpeg,stagefright)