Asst. Manager-legal (property)-land Laws

  HR Innovation Group   Pune, Tathawade   07th February,2020
  •   property related Litigations, Legal, Land Laws
  •   Negotiable
  •   Full Time
  •   Legal/Law
  •   any
  •   2-5 Years
  •   Masters Degree

Job Description

Asst. Manager-Legal (Property)-Land Laws and property related Litigations,

He/she should be open for travelling as and when required to travel for the matters
relating to the properties of company or as may be instructed by Company management,
2. Review of all existing property / land documents and appraise the management about the
shortfall, if any, in those documents.
3. Make comprehensive MIS of all properties / land owned by the company and send this
report every fortnightly to concerned people.
4. He/she should be responsible for all statutory compliances of all properties owned by the
company. For example he/she should be responsible for payment of Property Tax,
Grampanchayat Tax, NA Tax, Water Tax etc.,
5. He/she should be responsible for liaisioning with all Government, Semi-Govt bodies/
Statutory Bodies for getting the various approvals as may be required for the
properties/land owned by the company for example - Conversion of Land to NA, get
necessary permissions such as Electricity Load sanctioned, water connection / effluents
disposal, NHAI permissions, NOC from Grampanchyat / Tehsildar etc.,
6. He/she would be responsible for handling litigations with respect to properties / land(s) of
the Company.
7. He/she shall be responsible for all issues relating to the land which are taken on
lease/rental basis for depot purpose.
8. He/she should be held responsible for obtaining necessary permission for various civil
work at Depots / land owned by the company.
9. He/she shall coordinate with concerned persons in identifying the properties that best suit
the company requirement,
10. He/she should get the title verification done either through himself or by appointing well
qualified advocate for properties to be purchased by the company,
11. He/she shall be responsible for ensuring that, the Properties company proposes to
purchase is free from all sorts of encumbrances, liens, disputes and any other charges or
matters that affect the title of company over the said properties,

12. After ensuring and on being satisfied that, the Property(ies) company proposes to
purchase are free from all sorts of encumbrances, disputes and has clear title advise the
company accordingly.
13. Drafting of Agreement of Sale, Sale Deeds and any other documents in relation to
Conveyance of properties and getting it registered with the concerned sub-registrar office,
14. Assisting the company representative in taking of possession of Property(ies),
15. Completing the local formalities to get the name of company registered in the revenue
records of government and with such authorities as may be required from time to time,
16. Advise the management of company on suitable change of user of Property(ies), including
the cost involved, the risk involved for failure to change the use of Property(ies) and other
consequences arising out of use of Property(ies) by the Company,
17. Assisting the representative of Company in getting the required permissions for
construction/development or as may be instructed by management of the company from
time to time,
18. Preparing of information sheet containing the description of properties owned by the
company, its present status and litigations relating to the properties of company, if any.
That sheet should also contain any other information which materially affect the title or the
enjoyment of property by the company,
19. Making compliances, with government or other authorities, required for
development/change of user of Property(ies) either independently or with the
representative of the company.
20. Updating and Advising the company management on ongoing litigations and assist the
company in getting speedy disposal of matters,
21. Verifying the files, titles and compliances made in respect of completed, ongoing or
proposed development/change of user of properties already purchased by the company
and appraising the management about the issues involved therein, if any.